Six Things Everyone Should Bring to Electric Zoo

We surveyed over 9,000 people about the items that they think are the most important to bring to Electric Zoo, here is a list of some of the top answers.

Camelbak Water Backpack

Having a Camelbak water backpack is great when you need to hydrate on the go. You can fill it up before you go into the crowd, which means you don’t need to lose your spot to get more water. A Camelbak is also great because you can have your hands free for other things. Additionally, you can look into getting a Camelbak that it built in to a backpack, click here to search for them on Amazon.

Summer Hat or a Bandana Headband

A hat will help keep the sun out of your eyes, and a bandana will help keep your head cool during those long days and nights at Electric Zoo. One of the best tricks is to dip your bandana in cool water every now and then and wrap it around your head. You can also wear a bandana underneath your hat for extra protection.

Travel Size Sunscreen

Sunscreen is vital for any music festival, especially Electric Zoo. Never forget the sunscreen or you will be paying for it later. Don’t forget to apply it often because it can wear off pretty quickly.

Lawn Chair With Canopy

You need to bring a lawn chair when attending Electric Zoo because sometimes you just need to relax and let your body rest. Try to bring a lawn chair that folds up really small because you don’t want one that is hard to carry around. Additionally, you can find a lawn chair-canopy combo that will keep you cool in the shade no matter where you are.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Comfortable walking shoes are vital for Electric Zoo because you will be doing a lot of walking everyday, definitely walking up to 20,000 steps and beyond. A lot of people want to look fashionable at Electric Zoo, but comfortable walking shoes can make all the difference.

Solar USB Battery Pack

Probably one of the best things to bring to Electric Zoo is a rechargeable battery pack for charging phones, tablets, cameras, and more. You can find rechargeable battery packs that are the same size as your cell phone, and some of them can even recharge in the sun. When walking around Electric Zoo, you can clip the solar battery back to your backpack or belt and it will recharge within an hour or two.

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