Comparing Tents for Music Festivals

Here is our list of the most popular tents for music festival camping. All of these tents are great to bring to your next music festival, depending on the size of your space and what the weather will be like.

Bessport Lightweight Camping Tent

  • This tent is very durable and has strong protection against the wind and the rain.
  • It features a welded floor, so water is unable to come up from the ground and get inside your tent.
  • Also, the poles on this tent are very sturdy and strong.

VONTOX Camping Tent

  • This is a tent that seems a lot bigger once you get inside the tent.
  • This tent boasts a setup time of less than 8 minutes, which is ideal when getting to the music festival.
  • Finally, this tent features a nice ventilated design to let you air out the tent and let a nice breeze inside.

Hewolf Waterpoof Instant Tent

instant tents for camping
  • This tent has a very spacious interior for comfortable camping
  • Set this tent up in seconds with its simple design (the more you practice, the easier it will be to setup each time)
  • Great ventilation to enjoy the cool summer breeze
  • This tent features UV protection to help protect it against long periods of exposure to the sun
  • The manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee and will replace your poles for free if they break

ABCOSPORT Instant Pop Up Tent

Pop up tent
  • This is one of the easiest tents to setup and carrry, it is very lightweight and makes it easy to carry on long hiking trails
  • This tent has double doors that make it easy for you and your partner to climb in and out of the tent without having to climb over each other
  • This pop up tent includes a carrying bag for easy carrying and storage
  • This tent features a great material that can handle the elements including the sun, wind, and rain

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